iLiFE Laundry Detergent 1kg (20pcs/Ctn)

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RM 128.00
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Product introduction

Product Feature:

   Remove Dirt, Remove Stain, Rinse Easily, No Residue, No Phosphorus, No Fluorescer. Combination of Cleaning and Protection, No harm to Hands and Clothes, Mild and       No Irritation, Comfortable fragrance. (Both for machine wash and hand wash)

   ·Neutral Formula, combination of cleaning and protection,gentle on both clothes and hands.

   ·Cleans clothes thoroughly, and keeps clothes bright as new.

   ·Low foam and easy to rinse.

   ·Free of Phosphorus and Fluorescer.

   ·Both for machine wash and hand wash.


 Net WT: 1kg

  20 bottles / Carton

Scope of Application:

   It is suitable for all kinds of washable clothes except for silk, wool and other delicate clothes.


   Hand Wash: Add 10-20ml of the detergent into 3-5L of water, and scrub the clothes after soaking for a while, and rinse the clothes 2-3 times.

   Machine Wash: Please add the product into the detergent drawer of the wash machine and start the machine.

   Please refer to the below table for machine wash.

   Load-Size Recommendations 

Pulsator Washing Machine

Roller Washing Machine

Hand wash

8-10 pcs of clothing

8-10 pcs of clothing

1-3 pcs of clothing





   1.Please separate the dark-colored and light-colored clothing and check whether the color of the clothes will fade by testing on the seams.

   2.Do not swallow. If swallowed by accident, please seek medical attention as soon as possible; In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water.


   Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.