iLiFE 360mm*6pcs Sanitary Napkins Ultra-Night

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Product introduction

Product Features:

   Far Infrared Negative Ion Nano Silver Magnetic Sanitary Napkins

Daily wrapper bag  

Innovative design

No Fluorescent Agent  

No Essence

Premium Soft Surface

Take care of women's health


Unique 8 Layers

*100% Soft Cotton Surface -- Bring you a comfortable experience.

*Far Infrared Negative Ion Nano Silver Magnetic Strip -- Remove all the smell through physical ways.

*Super Soft Dust-Free Paper -- Clean dust-free Paper wrap SAP in 360°.

*Super Absorbent Polymer -- Have the super capacity of absorbing water and keep the surface dry.

*Unique Professional Diversion Layer -- Instant absorption and avoid side leakage.

*Breathable Bottom Layer -- Eliminate moisture& heat fast and keep fresh, unique release paper.

*Non-Fluorescent Adhesive -- Automatic cleaning of the body environment, no irritation and no harm to the skin.

*Release Paper -- Stripe-like divided back tape design, accordingly with ergonomic principles.



   Size: 360mm; 6 pads / pack; 100 packs / Carton



   In order to ensure the physical health in menstrual period, please replace the sanitary napkin every 2-3 hours. Please have a happy mood and adequate sleep in menstrual period.



   * If there is any allergic reaction, please stop using it. Please don't flush it in toilet after use.

   * Keep the products out of reach of children, to avoid eating by accident and harming the children because the SAP will swell when meet the water.



   Please store it in a dry and ventilated place, and avoid direct sunlight and keep the bag sealed.


Shelf Life: 3 years